To keep our Heinkel old-timer moving, parts are obviously needed.

Because there is no longer a Heinkel dealer located in every city, it is necesssary to have an addresss where all components are usually in stock.

For the type's 103A-0  103A-1 and 103A-2, everything is on stock.

This is of course very reassuring when you are the proud owner of a beautiful Heinkel scooter.

Also for the other types we have lots of parts avilable, but unfortunately not all.

It is always worth just to inform.

Shipping is possible throughout the world.

See also Service.



A small impressium of our warehouse.

Warehouse area 200 m2.

In 65 meter of racks, 2,5 meters high,

the components are stored.

Often there is a choice between new or

good used parts.

Gasoline tanks all types.

Old used or restored.

Also all types of wheels.


In tree colors available.

Transparant - Bleu - Smoke.

Safely packed in plastic.

Exclusively made for H.S.N.

Bumpers for A1 and A2.

New and used available.

A2 bumpers are privately printed in a steel mold.

No sand casting - so no pits!

Tires for scooters and cabins.


For all types of scooters are available.

Body sheet metal.

Front or "Nose"old used in good condition.

Also new in fiberglass on stock.


For all 4 stroke scooters in stock.

Also for the cabin.


Dozens of motorcycles are waiting to be restored.

Chrome work.

All chrome work, neatly packed in plastic, waiting to even allowed to decorated your scooter.

Front and rear brackets - luggage racks

( 3 Type's )ect. for all types of programs.

Sheet metal dody for the back for all types.