Rendering service is extremely important.

After all, you don’t want to have to wait weeks or months before you can start touring again and enjoying the Heinkel feeling.

In case of a malfunction of your Heinkel you can immediately call or e-mail us to discuss the problem. Often, we are able to localize the issue through the phone, after which we can issue an advice regarding repairs.

If certain components are required for repairs, they can be available quickly as well.


1e  Order by letter, supplied within 4-5 work days.

2e  Order by E-mail, read every day.

       Delivery takes about 2 – 3 work days.

3e  Order by phone.

       Delivery takes about 2 – 3 work days.

4e  Order by phone and pickup yourself.

       Available immediately.

This is for the Netherlands, all other coutry's a few days more of course.


Scooter damage.

In case of any damage to your scooter,

Heinkel Service Nederland

is at your service as well.


This part is only for the Netherlands.

If you have Casco insurance for your scooter or if the damage is attributable to the counterparty, the insurance also pays for the cost of transport to

Heinkel Service Nederland.

The entire process from pickup to delivery of the scooter is taken care of by me in a professional manner. After all, you have plenty of other things on your mind after an accident.

I will assess the damage to the scooter and consult with the damage expert of the insurance company.

After approval from the insurance company, the damage is fully restored.

Once repaired, the scooter is at least as beautiful as prior to the accident.

It goes without saying that the technological part will be 100% fine as well.


Heinkel Service Bus.


Do you own a Heinkel that requires some serious renovation and / or refurbishment?

You can partially or fully outsource this to H.S.N.

Of course, you can do it yourself as well.

However, make sure to first contact H.S.N. free of charge and obligation, since it may save you a lot of annoyance and money.

Below you’ll find the steps H.S.N. takes to refurbish an engine.


Engine refurbishment.

1e Engine removal.

The engine is removed from the frame.

You can also just bring us the engine.

2e Degreasing - cleaning.

Before anything else, the engine has to be made 100% clean and free of grease.

Afterwards, rinse thoroughly and wash with hot water and soap.

3e Assessment.

Once everything has been properly cleaned, we can inspect the components for wear and tear and usability.

Worn out parts have to be refurbished or replaced with new ones.

4e Glass bead blasting.

In the cabin, all aluminum parts are made as new.

All dirt is blasted away.

5e Post processing.

If you have opted for glass bead blasting, some post processing is required.

The open structure of the surface requires it to be impregnated.

All threaded holes have to be fudged as well.

6e Start of refurbishing.

All components have been inspected meaning that the motor can be reassembled:

  • The old parts in good shape
  • Refurbished parts
  • New parts

7e Detent.

On request I could integrate a detent for you which will simplify the process of switching gears.

Since the switch claws always interlock perfectly, it is better for the box as well.

Is an adjusted version used in the 103A-0 .

8e Shrinking bearers.

The parts that contain bearers, such as carter and float bearing are heated in a hot air oven.

For a period of 30 minutes at a temperature of 150 degrees.

The bearers themselves are cooled in the freezer, so that they interlock seamlessly.

9e Reassembly.

Everything is reassembled into a complete engine block.

Just as good and beautiful as if it came straight from the Heinkel factory.

10e Refitting.

The block is ready to be refitted into your scooter. Ready for many, many years of Heinkel pleasure.


With a 6 month warranty, the same amount issued by the manufacturer


An engine that is as beautiful and as well reconditioned as this one, deserves to end up in an equally beautifully renovated scooter.

To give you an idea about the things that are possible at H.S.N., I have posted a couple of examples of beautiful Heinkel scooters below. Don’t have a Heinkel scooter yet?? Even that is not a problem!! H.S.N. can resolve this for  you as well!! Your favorite color not there? No problem, anything is possible, nothing is too crazy!!

So for complete restoration,

Heinkel Service Nederland

is the place to go as well!!